Contingency Recruitment

Our Team Moves Faster, Keeping you Current on What's Hot

Manpower Gulf offers an Executive search service that includes every aspect of the profile management as well as account management for the candidates to get hired by the leading firms on the basis of their expertise.

Thus, every candidate with the best industrial experience but low networking can always seek the help of the executive search feature of the Manpower Gulf because:

We ensure to prepare the candidate for the right job for career enhancement.

Career enhancement is an important factor through the executive search service. We know that these executive searches are usually for vice-presidents, CEOs, presidents, and NEDs positions. Thus, it creates a major impact on the candidate as well as the firm when hiring is made.

Therefore, our major focuses on training and preparing the candidate to attain that position. For this, we regularly study the candidate’s profile and keep them informed about the latest firms they can work for or the latest workshops they can attend for increasing their skill set for higher positions.

We ensure to create the best CV suitable for a prestigious position in the industry

It is never easy for any firm to hire a vice-president, NEDs, or even the CEO if it is a multi-national company. That is how Manpower Gulf profile and account managers focus on improving the current impression and value of the candidate by creating an extremely professional and reliable CV and cover letters for the top notch companies in the countries and abroad.

We hold the regular screening of the candidates for EO positions.

Manpower Gulf welcomes a giant pool of CVs daily. Through this, our account managers conduct regular screening tests to gauge the fact about the current pool of candidates for the higher EO positions.

These screenings tests help even the job-seekers to realize their actual worth. As many times, even the candidate is not aware if he or she can handle even tougher jobs at hand. These tests are often held for estimating the business as well as technical knowledge.

The experts at profile management then get to know if the selected candidate is right for a particular type of technically advanced company or not. This is also a necessary step for the corporate clients we handle. As, with the existing, proven list of candidates, the companies that approach us for the Executive Search requirements, we are already ready to provide them the recommendations of the prestigious job-seekers without delay.