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Job ID MPG-3154
Qualification Bachelors degree
Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates , UAE
Salary 26000$+
Industry Financial Services
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Chief Treasury and Direct Investment Division

Job Description:

Job Purpose:

Manage the Treasury Division to ensure that AMF own funds and funds entrusted to the AMF are invested according to the AMF policy guidelines in order to achieve the AMF investment objectives.

Duties & Responsibilities:

·         Achieve the treasury division objectives through managing performance, developing and motivating staff.

·         Initiate improvements to the treasury and investment policies and monitor the implementation of the relevant treasury policies, procedures and controls covering all areas of treasury activities.

·         Supervise the implementation of research ideas, investment tactics and strategies.

·         Manage the surplus liquidity through optimal deployment of funds within the framework of the Treasury policy, procedures and plans, and strengthen the financial positioning of the Fund through the effective management of treasury activities.

·         Monitor and plan daily cash flow of the investment funds for all portfolios to ensure adequate executions of assets and liabilities in line with investment plan.

·         Ensure that all portfolios managed by the Fund are in compliance with the approved investment policies and guidelines.

·         Monitor the AMF's portfolios through regularly reviewing the valuation, performance, characteristics and risk parameters relative to benchmarks in order to secure the timely identification of any potential discrepancies and rectify them.

·         Stay up-to-date with financial markets developments, in order to consider the implications of these markets movements on the Fund’s future investment activities and make informed decision regarding the allocation of the investment resources for the managed portfolios.

·         Select the appropriate investment opportunities through utilizing the analysis, research and due-diligence reports of investment management firms, banks and other external financial institutions in order to identify the appropriate investment allocation.

·         Contribute to building and managing effective business relationships with member countries to enhance the level and scope of business cooperation.

·         Manage the investments associated risks

·         Recommend continuous improvement to the division systems, processes and practices taking into account 'international best practice', changes in international standards and changes in the financial markets and business environment.

Qualifications and Practical Experience:

1.     Bachelor Degree

2.     12 years of experience.


·         Good knowledge in the implementation of policies & procedures

·         Strong financial management skills

·         Professional use of spread sheets and Bloomberg, Reuters and data services

·         Strong reports writing skills

·         Strong investment research and studies skills

·         Strong securities analysis and modeling Skills

·         Strong understanding of financial markets

·         Strong portfolio management skills

·         Strong credit Analysis skills

·         Strong risk Management skills

·         English language skills