Job Summary

Job ID MPG-3146
Qualification Bachelors degree
Location United Arab Emirates, UAE
Salary 18000$+
Industry Information Technology and Services
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Program Director

Job Description:


To supervise progress and performance of project managers across a range of key projects. Define project resources, performance reviews and post implementation evaluations and undertake program delivery. Provide support to program/project management.


·         Determines, monitors, and reviews all project/program economics to include costs, operational budgets, staffing requirements, sub-contractors, resources, and risk including the direct management of large projects or programmes

·         Facilitates status review meetings among project team members and clients

·         Works with senior management on project/program proposals, bids, contracts, estimates, and schedules

·         Proposes and develops add-on program opportunities

·         Mentors and trains the customer and/or vendor in project management methods, procedures, and activities

·         Provides direct client interface and ensure project delivery excellence

·         Controls project/program requirements, scope, and change management issues

·         Facilitates the creation of communication plans, ensuring that appropriate information is exchanged among key stakeholders

·         Identifies and recommends contingency measures. Maintains awareness of emerging technologies and project/programme management techniques

·         Ensures proper use of systems, tools, methodologies, and technology to prepare for decision-making and to achieve project health. Provides program/project oversight

·         Monitors emerging technology for potential to maximize business performance

·         Adheres to PMO guidelines, utilises PMO templates, adheres to PMO reporting requirements, attends audit meetings and rectifies non compliances

Financial Sales

·         Ensure variance between forecast and actual budget as per the target.

·         Achieve a minimum of recoverability as per target.

·         Support Invoicing activity

Strategy/ Tactical

·         Plans, directs, and co-ordinates a cross-functional team's activities to manage and implement project and/or interrelated Programs from contract/proposal initiation to final operational stage

·         Leads the project/program team(s) in determining client requirements and translating requirements into operational plans

·         Ensures adherence to legally binding requirements and client's long-term goals

·         Drives identification and documentation of strategy for Company or client business units


·         Increase client satisfaction level with project management services.

·         Ensure that Company operational readiness process is adhered too.

·         Ensure high quality project delivery on time and within budget

·         Reduce and mitigate programme and/or project risk, measured by # issues not considered as initial risks.

·         Comply to the projects, audit, and achieve non-conformances.

·         Achieve targeted utilization level


·         Provides coaching, develop skills, deepen learning, and improves performance of employees and peers

·         Applies knowledge of business and personal objectives to key players and get them personally committed to the success of the project management initiatives

·         Leads, directs, evaluates, and develops a team of project management professionals to ensure that project management activities are completed accurately and on time

Budgets and Plans

·         Recommend the budget and monitor financial performance versus the budget so that the business is aware of forecasted costs and revenues; areas of underperformance are identified and opportunities to improve performance are capitalized upon.


·         Manage department's staff and teams by planning their utilization, communication, overseeing their performance, recruitment, training, and development to ensure high levels of engagement and competence.